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Bounce Personal Training Studio is your downtown fitness solution.

Professional certified personal trainers, no membership fees, and a fun atmosphere.

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About Us

At Bounce we are all about functional training. We believe strongly that each person has a different set of objectives, personal goals, and physical issues that need to be addressed.

The creation of our studio is based around the idea that not everyone enjoys the public, marketing based, busy, and intimidating environment that a public gym offers. Our environment is one that is dedicated to people of all ages, all walks of life, and all abilities. The privacy offered lends confidence, and self-esteem, and our trainers are there to instil this in each individual.

Functional Training

Weight Loss & Toning

Posture Work

Injury Rehabilitation

Core Strengthening

Pre-natal Programs

Strength & Conditioning Classes

Balance Training

Sport-specific Training

Flexibility Training



Personal Training

One on one training with one of our certified personal trainers. Our trainers will create a fitness program for you that is specific to your goals. We will guide you through, ensure proper form and push you to meet your goals.


Semi-Private Training

Share your training experience with a friend and enjoy the motivation you get from them! One of our experienced trainers will guide you both through a program geared toward your goals.



Pre/Post-Natal Classes

Bounce is proud to host classes for women that are pregnant or are recovering from having cute babies! We’ve paired up with the awesome, it has been super successful and we’re so glad to offer this! This class is taught by Janis Ellis-Claypool (see trainer bios) who has extensive experience in this realm, and it's designed around all that affects those having babies or having had them. There are very specific things that need to be considered with this population, core strength, pelvic floor work, hormones that kick in that affect joint integrity, and being with others that are in the same boat! This class is more than a learning experience, it’s a place to be with others going through the crazy experience of motherhood! Classes are small, designed to have maximum attention to each member. Click the button below to sign up


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The greatest thing about Bounce is the private training environment. No line-ups for machines, no waiting for equipment, no music too loud to hear your trainer, and no rude members. This is what Bounce has built its business model around—taking everything out of the gym environment that is displeasing to members.

  • Cardio Equipment
  • Cable Machine
  • Free Weights
  • Bosu & Exercise Balls
  • TRX Systems
  • Private Change Rooms/Shower
  • All Amenities
  • Safe Places to Store Valuables

Megan Murtagh


Megan has enjoyed a 23 year career in the same four city blocks in the downtown core and is the owner of Bounce. This location has allowed her to focus on the issues that specifically effect the demographic of professionals that make up that area. Megan works in close conjunction with physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists and has developed an extensive knowledge of issues and syndromes that effect these people.

Using these connections and relationships has allowed her to develop an intuitive understanding and complete treatment philosophy that has been completely successful.

The idea of Bounce was based around the fact that a lot of people are uncomfortable in the gym setting, and would prefer something more private, and less intimidating.

Megan specializes in core/postural strengthening, active stretching, repetitive movement injury, and general wellness. Her belief is that, if these things are addressed, they can be done in conjunction with feeling good about how one looks, which is an important psychological component to overall health. You can be buff, as long as you have a good foundation!

Megan est bilingue.

“Megan has a wonderful ability to make working out challenging, effective and fun. She knows how to push you that little bit more than you think you're ready for, and she's always right. I've had great results since I started working out with her.”
“Of all the items, activities and hobbies that I have spent money on, personal training with Megan has been the best spent! Megan is a first class personal trainer. She is knowledgeable, accommodating and pleasant. She continuously studies and takes courses to self-improve. Megan cares! She wants you to do your best and she will do everything to help you achieve it.”

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208 Slater Street (at Bank)
Suite 204
Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5H8

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